Time to upgrade! NAM is scheduled for end of support. It's time to move to Dynatrace our all-in-one software intelligence platform.

Changes in retired releases

Data Center RUM 12.4.0 GA

Bug fixes were introduced in this release update.
See NAM Resolved Issues.

Red Hat support

  • DC RUM 12.4 supports AMD Installation on RHEL 6 (6.2-6.7) and RHEL 7.2.
  • Only 64-bit version is available. The 32-bit version is discontinued.
  • 12.4 release no longer supports RHEL 5, all customers must migrate to either RHEL 6.7 or 7.2.
For more info see Upgrading the AMD Software and Supported OS and SQL versions.
  • NAM reports the Layer 2 data. Note that if you wish to use VLANs as your reporting dimension, you need to make sure your network infrastructure devices, SPAN ports in particular, maintain the VLAN tagging.

Automatic sites

The 12.4 release introduces the Automated client location categorization for private enterprise networks. Previously, the servers with private addresses were assigned to Default Data Center site. Since 12.4, such servers are assigned to sites based on their subnets, for example 172.18.x.x .
Note that this means that trends data for servers in Default Data Center will be lost/purged few days after the upgrade to 12.4. Default Data Center site will no longer cover data for private networks and their servers because the private networks are now assigned to the new subnet locations.
  • TLS 1.0 is no longer supported for secure connections to NAM components via a browser. Make sure your browser is set to use at least TLS 1.1.
  • AMD installation on RHEL 5 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported as it reached its End of Life in July 2015.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, see Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition.
  • Enterprise Portal is no longer part of the NAM distribution. See NAM and Enterprise Portal 12.4 webinar at APM University for details. Since 12.4, EP is the part of BSM distribution.
  • Internet Explorer 8

Vantage View

Please note an upcoming end of support of VantageView, which some of the pre-12.3 Enterprise Synthetic installations may still be using. If your ESM deployment still uses VantageView, plan on a migration to 12.4 now or at least disable VantageView in Enterprise Synthetic console.
See VantageView - End of support for further information on VV's end of support.

AMD SNMP monitoring

We removed the custom SNMP extensions on the AMD. You can still use the standard SNMP monitoring without the specific AMD metrics. The functionality is replaced with the extensive AMD diagnostics available in the CAS, see AMD Statistics.

Web-based RUM Console

Since 12.4, RUM Console is a web-based application and no longer needs a client. When you upgrade a RUM Console 12.3 or earlier installation in which only the client console was installed (the server software was installed on a different machine), the upgrade process does not automatically remove the client console software. In this case, you should use the Windows control panel to uninstall the 12.3 console software.
32-bit Java JRE is no longer required on your desktop to access RUM Console using the CAS link. Similarly to CAS or ADS, RUM Console is now a Web application accessed through a supported browser.
To access the RUM Console, go to CAS, select Settings > Monitoring and click one of available items. Accessing the RUM Console requires the HTTPS protocol to be enabled in in your browser and TLS 1.1 and/or TLS 1.2 as well.
Sniffing Point Diagnostics is replaced with a workflow starting from Traffic diagnostics report.
See How to assess traffic quality and diagnose issues in DC RUM 12.4 vs 12.3 for a guidance through the new workflow.
Adding Software Services by Traffic Lookup is replaced with a workflow starting in Discovery - Software services overview report.
See How to discover and create a software service in DC RUM 12.4 vs. 12.3 for a guidance through the new workflow.
The Synthetic Tiers have changed their names to reflect better the technologies behind the data generation: Enterprise Synthetic, Last Mile, Private Last Mile and Backbone. You may need to adjust your alert definitions accordingly.
AMD no longer generates the kdata data files. The Metric Charts - Distributions is replaced with histogram based reports available in Data Explorer report. See Data explorer.
The reporting groups functionality is available only in the CAS and not in the ADS.
The Application Health Status, Data Center Analysis, Interactive Table and Chart plugins are no longer available in the DMI report definition screen. Reports created with these plugins are still supported for upgrade and are planned to be dropped in the time frame of two releases.
The Data Center Analysis report is replaced with the Data explorer report. Location Health and User Health reports are replaced with their equivalents created using DMI tables, see Comparing Data Center Analysis to Data Explorer.
A number of predefined reports is removed from the CAS. They are however available as the Community supported DC RUM 12.4 reports.

Embedding CAS in IFRAME

Due to security improvements, to embed the CAS screen in an IFRAME you will first need to allow it using a user property. IFRAME emebedding is disabled by default.
Central Security Server distributed with NAM is only supported for installation on Windows and with Microsoft SQL Database. Linux and Unix based systems and Oracle databases are not supported. Since the 12.4 release, you need to install two separate CSSes for BSM and NAM. Synchronization or migrations between the MSSQL and Oracle databases is not supported.

XML software services wizard in RUM Console

Wizard based Software Service definition dialog is not available for XML-based analyzers. Only HTTP and HTTPS.
Since the 12.4 release, the Network Application Monitoring Documentation is distributed online only. If you need offline access to the doc, you can use the advanced export plugin developed for the Dynatrace Community. On a Community page of your choice, click Tools and select Export to PDF or Export to HTML . You can export a single page or page with its children in the form of a book-styled PDF or multi-page HTML Web Help.

Data Center RUM 12.3.0 GA

What is new

  • Automatic discovery and monitoring of network traffic, servers, locations, and more

  • Reporting clusters: Automatically load balance processing and rendering across Multiple Central Analysis Servers (CASs) or Advanced Diagnostic Servers (ADSs) for improved scalability and performance.

  • New Network Performance Analysis Workflows (GUI)

  • NetPod turnkey solution with our partner Emulex: High-Fidelity Analysis with Long-Term Packet Storage

  • New wizard-based approach for configuring SAP, Oracle EBS, Siebel, and Exchange

  • New Middleware Transaction Monitoring: CORBA, JBoss, BEA T3, RMI and more...

  • War Room Peacemaker: Automated Fault Domain Isolation

  • Improved monitoring of Citrix environments

  • Universal decode (Early Access Program): our latest innovation, a field-configurable decoding engine made possible through a combination of pattern matching, filtering, and secret sauce. Transaction names, user names, errors and more are now possible for bespoke network protocols.

  • Last Mile and Private Last Mile Synthetic Monitoring augmenting the DC RUM reports (Early Access Program)

What has changed

  • Idle Time component of the server-network time breakdown

  • Database decodes' reporting hierarchy

  • More in Technical Notes section in 12.3 Release Notes

  • The DC RUM 12.3 release is the last one to support:

    • AMD installation on RHEL 5
    • 32-bit AMD
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    • Internet Explorer 8

Data Center RUM 12.2.0 GA

What is new

  • Precise Problem Detection for Failed Applications
  • New error/messages recognition introduced for SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Database Protocols and SSL
  • Simplified architecture
  • New reporting flexibility
  • Integration of GPN Backbone Synthetic Monitoring
  • Integration of UEM and RUM Browser Monitoring
  • New SAP GUI version reporting, SAP GUI error reporting and SAP RFC Analyzer
  • SMB/CIFS for better understandingthesharefileaccess performance
  • Network Forensic
  • Small AMD hardware specification
  • Compuware Security Server enhancements for failover support. New role for packet capturing and support for latest Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Java 7 support for AMDs with RH6
  • Improved performance of database analyzers
  • multiple fixes
  • The metric „Discarded Operations” is replaced by „Incomplete Responses”

What has changed

  • New availability metrics in DC RUM 12.2

  • Changes in application performance measurements

  • Following functionality have been depreciated:

    • HTTP legacy mode
    • FIX analyzer
    • NAM device support
    • LSP support (TCAM will only use the connection polling)
    • Reporting (check 'Depreciated Functionality' section of the release notes for details)
  • "Capture Packets" functionality on CAS was removed to address security concerns. It was replaced by Network Forensic feature.

Data Center RUM 12.1.0 GA

What is new

  • Mobile Application for Tablets and Smartphones
  • Data Integration with Gomez Synthetic Backbone Transactions
  • Enhanced Presentation and Workflow for Synthetic Monitoring
  • Unified Synthetic Monitoring and dynaTrace DATMTroubleshooting Workflow
  • CSS -Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome browsers
  • ADS - Automated Fault Domain Isolation Analytics
  • Flexible Baseline and Baseline Corridors
  • Voice-Over-IP Support on the Agentless Monitoring Device
  • New Analysis Modules - LDAP, CITRIX ICA
  • Enhanced Analysis Modules - Oracle, SAP, Web, SQL DB, SSL
  • RUM Console – new functionality to check for updates
  • SAP GUI 7.3 analysis
  • DRDA level 5 analysis
  • Oracle Database 11G R2 analysis
  • Oracle EBS 12 analysis
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 analysis
  • TLS 1.2 analysis
    • multiple fixes
  • DCRUMcomponents have been upgraded to work on or with the latest versions of the applicable supporting vendor technology, including:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows 8
    • AIX 7.1
    • Internet Explorer 10

What has changed

  • In order to view DMI Report portlets in EP there is a need to assign permissions on the DMI reports in CAS.

Data Center RUM 12.0.0 GA

What is new

  • New Reporting Workflow through the Enterprise Portal
  • dynaTrace Integration
  • Monitoring SAP GUI users
  • Monitoring SAP Web portal users
  • Support for SAP 7.02
  • Synthetic Monitoring: New Gomez Enterprise Recorder.
  • Introduction of Compuware Security Server (CSS)
  • Support for New Network Cards
  • AMD Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2
    • multiple fixes

What has changed

HTTP decode: multi-threaded (new HTTP) decode became default for 64 bit hardware