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DC RUM 2017 May Release Notes

May 22nd, 2017 Your applications are becoming more dynamic; so is DC RUM!

Leveraging significant advances in scalability and performance, DC RUM 2017 delivers new capabilities that will empower your operations teams to improve efficiency and deliver peak application performance. DC RUM 2017 will help you:

  • Control complexity through real-time awareness of changes in your application environments
  • Accelerate performance insights through increased report granularity
  • Reduce costs by delivering a consistent, intuitive user experience across all Dynatrace solutions
  • Improve service levels through Dynatrace application and system insights
Release Date Release Name
April 23, 2019 Get Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP8
November 29, 2018 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP7
October 8, 2018 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP6
June 18, 2018 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP5
March 8, 2018 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP4
November 28, 2017 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP3
September 11, 2017 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP2
July 10, 2017 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 SP1
May 22, 2017 Dynatrace DC RUM 2017 May

What's new in Dynatrace DC RUM?

Speed time-to-insight with increased interactivity

NAM 2017 adds four new Explorer views – the Network Explorer, the DNS Explorer, the Citrix Explorer and the Alerts Explorer. The existing Explorers – Operation and User – have also been expanded. Explorers supplement NAM’s predefined workflows – including customer-specific DMI workflows – with flexible and intuitive “Interactive Viewer” reports. Explorers deliver interactive filtering, allowing the user to “slice and dice” data related to an element or time range of interest. Associated metrics are automatically filtered and focused, yielding immediate and relevant insights without switching views. Contextual drill-down to appropriate deep-dive reports takes you quickly to the information you need to identify and isolate problems – no matter where they originate.

  • The Network Explorer report analyzes network performance, usage and errors

  • The DNS Explorer report analyzes performance, availability and errors for DNS queries

  • The Alerts Explorer report delivers multi-dimensional alert navigation to simplify and prioritize alert responses

  • The Citrix Explorer report makes it easy to analyze and troubleshoot performance issues specific to XenApp and XenDesktop environments

  • The User Explorer has been extended to support additional use cases, speeding insight into the context influencing user complaints

  • The Operation Explorer has been extended with new heat charts and slow operation cause breakdown charts

In addition, we’ve introduced “smart questions” that enable users to quickly jump to the report showing the answer, instead of navigating through a series of workflow steps. For example, just ask NAM “Could user X access server Y two days ago?” and the appropriate report – with the right context – is quickly served.

Adopting SAP HANA in-memory database as part of your SAP landscape transformation? We’ve got you covered!

NAM 2017 introduces the HANA database analysis module, enhancing the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end SAP performance monitoring solution. With the HANA DB analysis module, you can:

  • Analyze performance delivered by the SAP HANA DB to the systems that depend on it, like NetWeaver ABAP and JAVA servers, BI and BW

  • Evaluate the impact of database modernization on SAP user experience

  • Dive into individual HANA DB query performance to identify tuning opportunities and isolate performance problems

  • Report important trends for database usage, performance and availability

Gain timely visibility into service changes in the agile data center

NAM’s auto-discovery capabilities gain new value with the Service Activity Change feature, informing you of important changes in your environment.

  • Discover new – or newly inactive – services and servers through the Service Activity Change feature. With NAM, you’ll quickly learn when new applications are deployed, or when services are removed – and whether users might still be attempting to use them.

  • Maintain optimal user experience by tracking new app deployments as they occur, choosing the appropriate monitoring policy to help ensure service delivery excellence.

Enjoy an improved Dynatrace-wide user experience

We’re continuing to improve your user experience with NAM, modernizing the user interface while unifying the look and feel across all Dynatrace products.

  • Intuitive navigation controls, a faster user interface, and more visual sizzle improve usability, extend NAM’s value to new stakeholders, and improve your operational efficiency.

  • You’ll find modernized time controls, breadcrumbs for clearer workflow navigation, notifications, filter indicators, tabs, charts, and much more.

Unified UI

Complement NAM’s “outside-in” transaction-level visibility with “inside-out” host- and process-level performance, availability and error metrics monitored by Dynatrace OneAgents. Now your operations teams can rely on a single performance management solution that incorporates data from multiple sources – agents, probes, and synthetic monitoring – to ensure comprehensive application coverage at the right depth.

  • Extend your fault domain isolation capabilities into the application server infrastructure – including OneAgent-discovered dependencies – leveraging Dynatrace’s AI-driven root cause analysis.

  • NAM 2017 introduces the Early Access Program for Dynatrace unification, initially supporting SAP, Citrix and HTTP applications by passing metrics to Dynatrace SmartScape where they are correlated with OneAgent host and process information.

Dynatrace unification

Responding to your product ideas

At Dynatrace, we take pride in our customer-first focus, and your feedback is invaluable. The following list highlights specific product ideas you shared in the NAM Product Ideas forum that have driven NAM 2017 development decisions. Many of them translate to modified product features, while others have been taken as ideas that have spurred new development work, already underway; we will continue to respond aggressively in future product updates.

System Requirements

To achieve optimal and reliable performance from your NAM software, ensure that your system meets the specifications of platforms and cards described in Hardware Recommendations.