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Duplicating an alert

RUM Console ► Alerts Duplicating an alert definition and editing the settings is a good way to create a new alert based on an existing definition.

Note that duplication is not possible for any of the predefined alert definitions.

All NAM alert management starts with the Alert management screen.
Access options:

  • In the RUM Console, click Alerts on the main menu bar
  • In the CAS, select Reporting and alerting ► Alerts from the main menu

To duplicate an alert:

  1. Choose the User-defined alert group.
  2. With a mouse click, select an alert that you want to duplicate.
  3. From the Actions menu that corresponds with a given alert definition, select Duplicate alert. This will open the first alert definition wizard screen. Make any adjustments you need and proceed to the subsequent wizard steps. The detector settings will be copied from the original alert definition, but will be available for editing.
  4. After the definition is ready, save and publish the configuration.