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Managing alert notification recipients

Open the Alert management screen, then click the Recipients tab.
Alert notifications can be sent to

  • E-mail addresses of report server users
  • Trap clients
  • Mobile users
  • Scripts

Information about report server and mobile users is acquired automatically and is not configurable through the Alert management screens, but trap recipients and scripts need to be added and configured before they can receive notification messages.

To browse the configured recipients and alert definitions available for assignment, and to define new trap clients, or to configure scripts, go to the Recipients tab on the Alert management screen.

If NAM users and security management is bound to an LDAP server, LDAP users are displayed on the Recipients tab after they log in to a report server or RUM Console.

If a report server user for which notifications are enabled is removed from the NAM users database, that user is marked with a warning sign until those notifications are deleted, at which time the user is removed from the list of recipients.

Alert notifications are assigned to report server users based on user names. You can assign notifications to a user for whom no e-mail address has been configured, but the notification messages will not be sent as long as no e-mail address is defined for that user.

For more information, see Adding recipients to an alert.