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Customizing ServiceNow incident form

Though you can use the script to map the alert parameters to the default ServiceNow incident fields, you can also modify the ServiceNow incident form by adding custom fields. These custom fields are populated when the alert is triggered and the script is executed and the notification message is received by ServiceNow.

This default form, can be edited and customized by adding and removing fields.

default ServiceNow incident screen
default ServiceNow incident screen

To add a custom field:

Right-click on the Incident title bar and select Configure  ► Form Layout

ServiceNow configuration form
ServiceNow configuration form

The form configuration lists the Available fields, the Selected fields (already placed on the form), the Form view and section, letting you know which view and what section you are editing, and the Create new field section, where you create a custom field.

Make sure that Form view and section indicates “Default view” for the View name and “Incident” for the Section.

In the Create new field section, enter the Name for your custom field.

Using the drop down menu, select the Type for the custom filed.

Certain field types require additional settings like Field Length or Table of reference.

Click Add to add your new custom field to the list of Selected fields.

You can move any other already available fields from the Available list to the Selected list and back.

Click Save to save the form and return to the incident form.

Your new custom field is now listed in the incident form.

Specify the location of your new custom field on the incident form.

Right-click on the Incident title bar and select Configure  ► Form Design

ServiceNow form design
ServiceNow form design

Drag and drop the listed fields and place them according to your preference.

Click Save to save the form.

Refresh the Incident form in your browser to put the design changes into effect.