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This alert detects performance problems with a specified URL pattern. The alert is triggered when the average server time per URL exceeds the threshold value and if the number of such page loads is greater than a specified threshold.


Name: High server time for URL pattern occurred more than N times

Type: performance

Status (default): disabled

Detector: SQL-based


“URL Pattern: *URL_pattern* ”

“Metric: Server Time”

“Threshold: *threshold* ms”

“Description: at least one server time of *number* downloads lasted more than *time_threshold* ms. The mean server time for *downloads* downloads was *time* ms.”

“Summary Statistics: *URL* ”

Detector parameters

Overriding values can be specified in the \config\alarmdetectorparams-rtm.config configuration file.

Syntax of configuration is as follows:

``SVR_TIME_4_URL| String: "*URL_pattern* " = *threshold_in_ms*,*number_of_occurrences_per_pattern*


SVR_TIME_4_URL| String: "http://www.yahoo.com/%" = 20000,200