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This alert is triggered when the SSL connection setup time for a software service on a server is too long.


Name: SSL connection setup time too long for SSL service

Type: performance

Status (default): enabled

Detector: SQL-based


“The SSL connection setup time of software service *software_service_name* on server *IP_address* (*server_name*) was too long.”

“The setup time value: *time* ms.”

Detector parameters

Overriding values can be specified in the *<installation directory>* \config\alarmdetectorparams-rtm.config configuration file.

  • Selector of the SSL connection setup time (0 - per session / 1 - per page)
    Toggle defining what metric is to be used for analysis; if the parameter equals 0, we use the current plain SSL connection setup time; otherwise, the current transaction-weighted SSL connection setup time is used.
  • Lower limit of the unacceptable setup time [ms] (number)
    Lower limit of unacceptable values of the SSL setup time, expressed in milliseconds.