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This alert is triggered if the operation time for the entire page (including frames, linked style sheets, images, and other page components) exceeds the threshold value and if there have been at least a specified number of such page loads for a specified client names or client IP address. The alert is very similar to LOAD_TIME_4_URL .


Name: High operation time for URL pattern and for client IP observed too often

Type: performance

Status (default): disabled

Detector: SQL-based


“URL Pattern: *URL_pattern* ”

“Client name:*client_name* ”

“Metric: Page download time”

“Threshold: *time* ms.”

“Description: at least one page download of *page_downloads* lasted more than *time_threshold* ms. The mean time for *number* downloads was *time* ms.”

“Summary Statistics: *URL* ”

Note that when the client name cannot be resolved, a client IP address is reported instead.

Detector parameters

  • thrs (number)
    Threshold value of the operation time, expressed in milliseconds.
  • noo (number)
    Threshold value of the number of operations per user.

All the alert parameters are defined in the *<installation directory>* \config\alarmdetectorparams-rtm.config file in the following form:

LOAD_TIME_4_URL_4_CLI | String:client_name :url_pattern ” = threshold_in_ms, page_loads_per_user


LOAD_TIME_4_URL_4_CLI| String: "client286:http://www.yahoo.com/%" = 20000,2