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This alert is triggered when a certain percentage of traffic to or from client sites is adversely affected by traffic volume (when at least one traffic metric exceeds a threshold values).

The triggering metrics are:

  • downstream ACK RTT

  • downstream RTT

  • downstream realized bandwidth

  • end-to-end downstream loss rate

  • end-to-end upstream loss rate

  • upstream ACK RTT

  • upstream RTT


Name: Affected volume too high for site

Type: performance

Status (default): disabled

Detector: SQL-based


“The percentage of affected traffic to/from site *site* (*site_DNS_name*) has exceeded the permitted level.”

“Observed percentage of affected traffic volume was: *percentage_of_affected_volume* %.”

Detector parameter

  • Lower limit of the percentage of the affected volume (percentage as number)
    Threshold value of the percentage of affected traffic volume. The alert is generated if the percentage of affected traffic volume exceeds the value given in parameter {0}. Default: 30.