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This alert reports on transactions that often experience slow transaction times.

A transaction is a sequence of operations performed by a user by means of a network application. We consider a transaction time slow when it exceeds the predefined threshold.


Name: Long transaction time for a single-user transaction

Type: performance

Status (default): enabled

Detector: SQL


Transaction of name {1}, with ID {2}, for user {3}, ({4}) lasted {5} second(s), and the server time assumed {9} second(s).
The transaction has been classified as slow as it lasted more than the threshold of {6} second(s).
The transaction consisted of {7} step(s) and contained {8} page(s). Server loss rate for the transaction was {10}% and client RTT was {11} ms.

Link: Alert details.

Detector parameters

This alert has no parameters

Reported information

1 - Transaction name (string) - The name of the transaction with a long transaction time.

2 - Transaction id (string)

3 - User IP address (IP address) - The IP address of the user that has performed the transaction.

4 - User name (string)

5 - Transaction time (seconds as a number)

6 - Slow transaction time threshold (seconds as a number) - Specifies when a transaction can be considered as slow.

7 - Number of steps in the transaction (number)

8 - Number of pages (number) - The total number of pages loaded while the transaction was in progress.

9 - Server time for the transaction (seconds as a number)

10 - Server loss rate (number as a percentage)

11 - RTT for the transaction (milliseconds as a number)