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This alert is triggered when there is too little free space for the server database. It is available in CAS and ADS.


Name: Insufficient disk space for report server database

Type: diagnostics

Status (default): enabled

Detector: built-in, non-SQL


“The reserve the database maintains for {1} is insufficient. This data is stored on disk(s) {2}. The database size is {3} MB, the reserve size is: {4} MB ({5}%). The oldest batch of monitoring data will be purged from the database to make space for new data. See server.log for details on what data has been purged.”

Detector parameters

  • Reserve Threshold [% of Database Size] (number as percentage)
    The threshold value of the remaining free space, expressed as a percentage of the current size of the database. If the current database is 200 MB and this value is set to 50, this alert is triggered when the amount of free space on the database server falls below 100 MB. This number is represented in the alert message as parameter {5}.