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This alert notifies if the AMD exceeds its license volume.


Name: AMD license exceeded

Type: diagnostics

Status (default): enabled

Detector: built-in, non-SQL

For more information, see AMD statistics and Licensing.


AMD license exceeded for probe {1}. 99th percentile value {2} is above the limit {3}.

Detector parameters

This alert has no parameters.

Reported information

1 - Probe description (IP address) - The IP address of the analyzed AMD.
2 - The value of the 99th percentile (number as bytes per second) - The maximum observed AMD bandwidth usage reaming over the purchased capacity limit for the time longer than than 1% of the monitoring interval. Bandwidth usage is measured with a one-second granularity.
3 - The value of the limit in bytes per second (number as bytes per second) - The purchased AMD license volume.