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This alert indicates availability problems with the specified URL pattern. It is triggered based on the average server time per URL and on the number of HTTP 404 errors for the specified URL pattern.


Name: Low P2P MOS over VoIP software service for site

Type: performance

Status (default): disabled

Detector: SQL-based


“URL Pattern: *URL_pattern* ”

“Metric: Page Download Time + Page Not Found Response”

“Threshold: *load_time_threshold* ms + *number* page not found responses”

“Description: at least one server time of *downloads* downloads resulting 404 code lasted more than *time_threshold* ms. The mean server time for *downloads* downloads was *time* ms.”

“Summary Statistics: *URL* ”

Detector parameters

  • URL pattern (valid URL, including wildcards)
  • Threshold (number)
    Threshold value, in milliseconds, of the server time.
  • Req no of occurrences (number)
    Threshold value of the number of HTTP 404 errors for the URL pattern.

You can modify the alert parameters are defined in the *<installation directory>* \config\alarmdetectorparams-rtm.config file in the following form:

404_TIME_4_URL| String: "*url_pattern* " = *threshold_in_ms*,*number_of_occurrences_per_pattern*


404_TIME_4_URL| String: "http://www.yahoo.com/%" = 20000,200