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Drilling into a packet trace view

When you have isolated one or more frames to analyze in more detail, drill into the DNA Packet Trace for a frame by selecting Drill into Packet Trace in the pop-up menu or, in a Bounce Diagram view, double-clicking a frame.

The Packet Trace view comes up superimposed over the prior view with the frame highlighted. Use Window  ► New Horizontal Tab Group to display both in the window as shown below.

Figure 1. Packet Trace View

Packet trace view example
Packet trace view example

This view lists all of the frames and provides important information about each one. The frame you drilled into on the Bounce Diagram is automatically marked or highlighted in the Packet Trace view. Notice that the frame number in the Show Detail pane of the Bounce Diagram matches the Seq. number of the highlighted frame on the Packet Trace and that the TCP sequence numbers in the two Detail panes match.