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Editing a conversation map

Edit a DNA Conversation Map to focus the view on the traffic that uses expensive network resources. To remove extraneous nodes from the map, perform the following steps using the sample database.

  1. Make a copy of the task Oracle-64kbpsFrameRelay-client (right-click the task and select Edit ► Duplicate Task).

  2. Open the Conversation Map for the copy.

  3. The client node, shown as a yellow square, is incorrect in this example, so right-click the correct client node ( and select Edit ► Set Client Node to make it the selected node.

    Because DNA automatically assigns client node status to the first node that transmits, you may have to reassign the client node. Often in merged tasks, the assigned client node is not the true client node.

  4. To delete any unnecessary nodes (in this exercise, choose a few at random), select them and then right-click and select Edit ► Delete Selected Nodes.

    To select multiple nodes, shift-click them or drag a box around them. If you prefer to select nodes from a list, right-click and select Edit ► Delete Nodes.

  5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. DNA removes the selected nodes from the task and automatically re-profiles the task.