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Configuring the Smart Packet Capture environment

Before you can capture traffic for Smart Packet Capture, make sure you have data sources configured to report to a NAM Server.

  1. Open NAM Console > Deployment > Manage devices.

  2. Add the NAM Probes that will send data to the NAM Server.


    When capturing packets on a NAM Probe with sampling disabled, if the NAM Probe experiences packet drop due to high traffic volume, the packet capture is not automatically canceled. If this occurs, select Tools > Packet data mining tasks on the NAM Server, find the task that was using the NAM Probe in question, and click Stop task to cancel that task.

  3. Add the NAM Server to which the NAM Probes will send data.

  4. Select Open configuration for the NAM Server on which you will capture traffic.

  5. On the Data Sources screen, add the sources.

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