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Configuring NetFlow monitoring

To configure NetFlow monitoring, you first configure NetFlow-enabled devices to forward flows to the NAM Probe, configure the NAM Probe to set a number of global parameters for all flow sources, observe the detected flow sources, and adjust the settings for specific flow sources with problems.

Configuring remote NetFlow-enabled devices to send flows to the NAM Probe.

Refer to appropriate documentation of your NetFlow-enabled devices for instructions on how to perform the configuration. For more information, see Configuring remote NetFlow - enabled devices.

Configuring general NetFlow settings on the NAM Probe.

For more information, see Flow collector - general.

Waiting until flows start appearing in the NAM Probe Flow Sources table and adjusting the settings for individual devices.

For more information, see Flow collector - flow sources.

Viewing NetFlow reports on the report server and repeating the above tasks to increase or decrease the number of flow sources as required.

An extensive set of network performance monitoring reports has been provided. You can also design your own reports or customize some of the reports that have been provided. For more information, see Network Analysis.