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Advanced - idle TCP sessions

Several configurable properties are available for controlling the evaluation of idle TCP sessions.

To customize the criteria for determining the TCP sessions as idle, change the following properties in the NAM Console NAM Probe Configuration.

  • Server timeout
    Session is considered as closed if the time between the latest client ACK and the server packet that has just arrived exceeds the defined value.
    Default value: 60 seconds.
  • Idle TCP session termination timeout
    If the time between the client SYN and the server RST is longer than the timeout, it is not considered as an error, because the server closed an idle session properly.
    Default value: 85 seconds.
  • Idle TCP session cleanup timeout
    Set the property to a number of minutes, after which the TCP Session will be assumed idle. The default value is 5 minutes.
    Default value: 5 minutes.

Idle sessions are evaluated at every monitoring interval. Therefore, setting the timeout value to a time less than the length of the monitoring interval will not necessarily result in classifying as idle sessions that were idle for the specified time.