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Gathering support data for NAM

Applies to NAM 2018+

When submitting a request for support concerning a NAM issue, follow these instructions for gathering support data for each relevant NAM component. Most of the required data can be retrieved through the NAM Console in a handy archive. Providing accurate and complete support documentation greatly improves and speeds up problem resolution.

NAM Server support data

The basic support data archive for the NAM Server is a single archive file that can be downloaded through the NAM Console or from the NAM Server itself.

Basic NAM Server support data

To get basic support data from a NAM Server, you can download it through the NAM Console, download it directly from the NAM Server, or gather it manually.

NAM Probe support data

You can gather basic NAM Server support data, plus additional data containing debug information about the reasons for NAM Probe performance degradation and SSL decryption issues.

Basic NAM Probe support data

You can download basic NAM Probe support data automatically or manually.

For performance degradation issues

You can gather additional data containing debug information about the reasons for NAM Probe performance degradation.

For SSL decryption issues

You can also gather additional NAM Probe support data for SSL decryption issues.

NAM Console support data

You can download NAM Console support data automatically through the NAM Console (if it is running) or gather the data from the NAM Console machine manually (if the NAM Console is not running).

Thin Client Analysis Module (TCAM)

To gather support data concerning TCAM:

  1. Open TCAM Manager.
  2. Click Collect diagnostic data.
    A tcamdiag_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.zip file will be created and downloaded to the specified location.

Synthetic Monitoring transdata files

To gather transdata files from Synthetic Monitoring:

  1. Navigate to Synthetic Monitoring\Data\DBVAS directory on the machine.
  2. Zip the files and deliver them to support.