Software Services API - GET list of software services

Applies to NAM 2019

This documentation is a work in progress. Please see the NAM REST API Explorer in your NAM Console for a 'Swaggerized' exploration of the NAM Console Public REST API.

Returns a list of software services. You can filter the list using optional parameters.

  • url https://{console-host}:{console-port}/cxf/api/v1/config/softwareservices

The request produces an application/xml payload.


Parameter Type Description In Required

Include only software services whosee name contains the specified text.

query optional

Include only software services with the specified analyzer.

query optional

Include only software services on the specified probe.

query optional

If set to true, the configuration part will be included.

query optional

Response format

The request produces an application/xml payload.

Response codes

Code Description
200 The list of software services.
400 The request parameter was invalid.