Sites API - POST sites

Applies to NAM 2019+

Adds specified sites to the sites configuration on a server.

  • url https://{console-host}:{console-port}/cxf/api/v1/config/sites/server/{connectionKey}


Parameter Type Description In Required
connectionKey string

Device address and port (for example,

path required

Request body

The request body (json format) defines sites in the following format. Note that NAM 2019 Service Pack 1 adds the ability to define subnets.


Applies to NAM 2019 Service Pack 1+

Starting with NAM 2019 Service Pack 1, you can alternatively specify a subnet in the domains subsection of your site definitions for PUT and POST requests.

The following two examples specify the same site.

However, even if you use subnet to define a site, a subsequent GET request returns the following response with the subnet translated to a first and last address range.

Response format

A successful request doesn't return any content.

Response codes

Code Description
200 The sites configuration has been updated.
400 The request was invalid.
404 The device was not found.


A GET request of the form

GET https://console-address:console-port/cxf/api/v1/config/sites/server/server-address:server-port

returns a list (json format) of all sites defined on NAM Server server-address:server-port such as

To post a new list of sites, issue a POST request of the form

POST https://console-address:console-port/cxf/api/v1/config/sites/server/server-address:server-port

with the entire site list (now edited or replaced) in the payload (json format).