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Sites API - POST site names

Applies to NAM 2019+

Changes specified site names on a server. Useful for when you need to systematically update site names without changing other parameters. For other updates, use the full PUT and POST requests.

  • url https://{console-host}:{console-port}/cxf/api/v1/cxf/api/v1/config/sites/server/{connectionKey}/modifications


Parameter Type Description In Required
connectionKey string

Device address and port (for example,

path required

Created user object

body optional

The SiteNewName object

Element Type Description Required
name string optional
newName string optional

Request body

The request body simply lists pairs of site names (name and newName).

    "name": "string",
    "newName": "string"

Response format

A successful request doesn't return any content.

Response codes

Code Description
200 The site names have been updated.
400 The request was invalid.
404 The device was not found.


A POST request of the format

POST https://console-address:console-port/cxf/api/v1/config/sites/server/server-address:server-port/modifications

with the following request body (json format) would change the names of two sites.

    "name": "my-site-name-1-edited",
    "newName": "my-site-name-1-renamed"
    "name": "my-site-name-2",
    "newName": "my-site-name-2-renamed"