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Device configuration states API - GET all configuration states

Applies to NAM 2019+

Fetches a list of available configuration states for a specified device.

  • url https://{console-host}:{console-port}/cxf/api/v1/cxf/api/v1/config/device/{device}


Parameter Type Description In Required
device string

Device address and port (for example,

path required

To determine potential values for {device}, use GET list of devices to GET a list of all devices connected to the NAM Console. In the response, each device has a connectionKey value that you can use as the {device} in this call.

Response format

The RESTConfigurationState object

Element Type Description
state string The state element can hold these values.
timestamp integer
hash integer

Possible values

Possible values for the state element in the RESTConfigurationState object:


Response codes

Code Description

A list of available configurations.