Time to upgrade! NAM is scheduled for end of support. It's time to move to Dynatrace our all-in-one software intelligence platform.

Upgrading licenses

When you perform product upgrade to a new release, your existing licenses must be upgraded as well to match the new product version installed.

Upgrading eServices license to a new version

You can upgrade your existing eServices license in two ways:

Upgrading DLM licenses to eServices licenses

DC RUM releases prior 2017 used an old XML format and an obsolete DLM (Distributed License Management) utility to manage them. All these licenses used a component based licensing schema. These licenses cannot be automatically converted to eServices format. You need to contact the License Management team instead (see below).

Capacity licensing was first introduced in DC RUM 2017, which supported both license models: component licenses (DLM managed) and capacity licenses (managed by eServices).

Product release Platform for capacity licenses Platform for component licenses
DC RUM 12.4 and older - DLM
DC RUM 2017 eServices DLM
NAM 2018, NAM 2019 eServices eServices

DLM license upgrade procedure

If you use DLM, your existing licensing model is component based.

Contact the License Management team and request a DLM license upgrade from your existing DC RUM installation (releases 2017, 12.4 or older) to NAM 2018. You can later upgrade your eServices NAM 2018 license to a NAM 2019 eServices license.

Please attach your existing DLM license when opening a ticket with the License Management team.

The License Management team will convert your existing license to NAM 2018 eServices format.

  • The licensing model (component) will be preserved in the new license.
  • The new license will be stored in your eServices account for online or offline activation.

Upgrade your existing DC RUM installation to NAM 2018 following the upgrade guide. After upgrade, the DC RUM components will be renamed to NAM components in the following manner:

DC RUM component name NAM component name
RUM Console NAM Console
CAS (Central Analysis Server) NAM Server
ADS (Advanced Diagnostic Server) ADoD (Advanced Diagnostics on Demand) feature
AMD (Agentless Monitoring Device) NAM Probe

Upload and activate your new component licenses to your standalone NAM Servers in your upgraded deployment.
Use either Online license management or Offline license management in the NAM Console.

Cluster deployments

If your deployment uses clusters, apply the component license to the primary NAM Server of each cluster within your deployment.