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License management

The license management process is the same for the online and offline methods, but the online method performs all steps automatically while the offline methods requires that you manually perform steps in the eServices portal and in the NAM Console.

License destinations

Apply capacity licenses to NAM Probes and component licenses to NAM Servers in the NAM Console.

License activation

The license application process is as follows:

  • Dynatrace License Management team will issue a temporary eServices license file with a 30-day grace period during which the license must be activated. The license file will stored in your account in eServices and you will also receive a copy via an email.
  • Using NAM Console you will upload the temporary license file to either NAM Probe (if it is a capacity license) or to a NAM Server (in case of a component license). This will generate an activation key which you would use to activate the license for this particular device in eServices.
  • Finally, you will upload the activated license file to the same NAM device.

The license is only valid for the NAM component for which it was activated.

License activation statuses

License activation status is displayed on the Licensing panel of the NAM Console.
To view the license activation status, select Deployment > Licensing in the NAM Console navigation menu.

The following license activation statuses are possible.

  • Invalid
    Warning: License is not valid.
    The license file uploaded to the NAM device is invalid. The file is either incomplete, damaged, or not a valid license file.

    Make sure you have the correct license file and upload the license again.
    If this status persists, contact the License Management team.

  • Expired
    Warning: License is expired. Upload new license.
    The license has expired. A new license needs to be uploaded.

    Go to eServices, renew or purchase a new license, and upload the new license for activation.

  • Locked
    Warning: License activated for a different computer system.
    The license is valid but it has already been activated and locked by a different NAM device.

    Contact the License Management team to obtain a separate license for this device.

  • Deactivated
    Warning: License has been deactivated.
    The license is deactivated. You have deactivated the license or the license has never been activated.

    Go through the license activation process.

  • Expire soon
    Warning: License will expire in # days.
    The license will expire soon. This license will operate normally, but a new license needs to be uploaded.

    Go to eServices, renew the license, and upload the new license for activation.

  • Update required
    Warning: License must be upgraded within # days.

    This license status is presented when you upgrade your NAM device to a new version, but the license remains activated for the previous version of NAM. The license needs to be updated to match your current NAM version within 30 days after the upgrade took place.

    • For online license management, go to the NAM Console license manager, highlight all licenses that require update, and apply changes.
    • For offline license management, manually update the license via eServices, then go to the NAM Console license manager and follow the offline procedure to upload the updated license to your NAM Probes.
      For more information, see Offline license management.
  • Valid
    Warning: -
    The license is valid and operational, and no action is required.

License deactivation

To deactivate a license for a NAM Server or NAM Probe:

  1. In the NAM Console license manager, click the component (NAM Server or NAM Probe) that you want to deactivate and select Deactivate.
  2. Use the activation key and deactivation key (you need both) to deactivate the license through the eServices web site.

License upgrade

When you perform product upgrade to a new release, your existing licenses must be upgraded as well to match the new product version installed.

See Upgrading licenses for details.