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The eServices license management website is the central platform for viewing NAM licensing information, performing licensing management tasks and managing your eServices account profile.

The following features are available on eServices:

  • Manage your eService profile.
  • Manage your product licenses.

Most eServices website licensing features are closely integrated and accessible in NAM Console:

  • License activation
  • License deactivation
  • License upgrade

Other tasks can only be performed on the eServices website:

  • Creating an emergency license
  • Reactivating a license in the event of an unexpected hardware failure or forced move of a NAM Server or NAM Probe.
  • Managing your eServices and Dynatrace Community account profile

How to get started with eServices

  1. Sing up using eServices registration link.
  2. Place a license request with License Management team to get your very first NAM license created in eServices or to have your existing (DLM) license upgraded to eServices format for use with NAM 2018 or NAM 2019.

View license information

To view the license details (after your license has been created by the License Management team), choose My Licenses from the eServices menu. The My Licenses page has two tabs:

  • Licenses —to view the details of your license
  • Volume Vouchers —to view the amount of volume

In addition, you can select actions such as downloading a license file, creating an emergency file, and redeeming or upgrading volume.

If you cannot view licensing information or access the license management features, contact the eServices team to have your user account added to the license.