Component licensing

The component based license is required for each NAM component used in your deployment. The licenses are administered by eServices and can be managed using the NAM Console.


To avoid confusion, be aware of the following product and component name changes that were introduced with Dynatrace NAM 2018:

DC RUM 2017 and older NAM 2018, NAM 2019
RUM Console NAM Console
Central Analysis Server (CAS) NAM Server
Advanced Diagnostic Server (ADS) Advanced Diagnostics on Demand feature of NAM Server
Agentless Monitoring Device (AMD) NAM Probe
You will see these name changes reflected in the help.

Component licensing characteristics

  • Depending on your deployment, certain NAM components require additional components for proper deployment. For example, for a NAM deployment to function properly, a NAM Server component must have at least one NAM Probe monitoring the traffic. As a result, you will be required to purchase licenses for accompanying components.

  • NAM Probe and NAM Probe Express are designed to analyze up to approximately 3.5 Gbps of TCP traffic, which is an equivalent of approximately 1.5 Gbps of HTTP traffic. Actual analysis throughput may vary depending on the traffic, the analysis types applied and the NAM Probe hardware.