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Capacity licensing

Depending on your subscription, your NAM Probe can analyze up to 0.5 Gbps, 5 Gbps, or 20 Gbps of traffic data. Which license you purchase depends on how much traffic you plan to monitor. Compare the actual traffic volume received to the purchased capacity license and determine whether your license meets your monitoring requirements.

Volume received

All traffic received by the NAM Probe is counted against the capacity license prior to any filtering.

The capacity license includes the analysis capability of the following modules:

  HTTP Express (Web Hit Level)  
  VPN Gateway  
Modules may vary

Your included analysis modules may vary depending on the year and version when you obtained the license. Contact your client success manager (CSM) for more information.

While this license covers basic monitoring, the actual license that you will use may vary significantly. For example, to monitor a simple web application delivered via HTTP, your basic application decoding license would contain a license for decoding and analyzing HTTP (HTTP Express). However, if you also wanted to monitor and analyze the database that is used for this web application, you would need an additional database module license. Such license combinations are custom tailored to your monitoring needs and, depending on the application you plan to monitor, may include multiple protocol decoders.

Capacity licensing characteristics and license violations

  • The monitored traffic volume is measured every second.

  • The license violation is determined by the percentage of excess traffic during a 24-hour period.
    One percent (1%) of license violations during the 24-hour period is permitted and the monitoring day is not marked as license violation.
    If the total license violation time in a 24-hour period exceeds 1% (approximately 14 min. and 24 sec.), that monitoring day is marked as a license violation day and it triggers the WARNING status.

  • WARNING period
    A WARNING status period begins from the first day marked as license violation day and lasts for 30 consecutive days. During the WARNING period, the amount of license violations for each day is not taken into account.

    If you correct a license violation problem by lowering the monitored traffic volume within the WARNING period, the status switches to PROBATION at the end of the WARNING period (30 days after the first day marked as a license violation).

    Action: This is the time to either lower the monitored traffic volume or acquire a higher capacity license.

  • PROBATION period
    A PROBATION status period lasts for 60 days, and if no license violation days occur during this time the status switches to NORMAL.
    If a license violation occurs during the PROBATION period, the status switches to MUST UPGRADE.

  • MUST UPGRADE period
    A MUST UPGRADE period lasts 30 days from the first license violation day in the PROBATION period.
    If no license upgrade is performed within 30 days of a MUST UPGRADE period, the status switches to LOCKED.

    Action: This is the time to purchase and upload a higher capacity license.

  • LOCKED period
    LOCKED status has no expiration. Monitoring and analysis continues, but the API alerting and reporting features are restricted.

    Action: This is the time to purchase and upload a higher capacity license.

License capacity statuses

Applies to DC RUM 2017
License capacity status is displayed on the AMD summary screen in the RUM Console. Select the AMD on the devices list to view the AMD summary screen.

You can view the license capacity status from the NAM Console or from the NAM Server server.

  • NAM Console
  1. Select one of the NAM Probes displayed on the devices tab of the NAM Console.
  2. Click the Capacity status link in the Licensing panel.
  • NAM Server server
  1. On the NAM Server menu, select Diagnostics ► Probe statistics.
  2. On the Capacity tab, select the NAM Probe to view the License overview for that NAM Probe.

The following are possible license capacity statuses and warnings they generate:

Warning: -
The capacity of your license has not been exceeded. No action is required.

Warning: Traffic has exceeded the capacity of your license.
The traffic observed by your NAM Probe has exceeded the capacity of your license.
You should consider purchasing a higher capacity license or reducing the traffic observed by the NAM Probe.

Warning: Capacity violation occurred in the warning period.
Traffic on this NAM Probe has exceeded your license capacity at least once in the past 30 days.
This NAM Probe continues to receive more traffic that it is licensed for. Any subsequent license capacity violations will result in “Must Upgrade” status. If you reduce the observed traffic on this NAM Probe, and no license violations occur in 60 days, you will become compliant with your license capacity again.

Warning: Traffic has persistently exceeded your license capacity.
Warning: License must be upgraded within # days.
Traffic on this NAM Probe has persistently exceeded your license capacity.
You must purchase and upload a higher capacity license within the next 30 days.

Warning: The alerts and reporting features have been restricted.
The capacity of your license has been persistently exceeded.
The alerts and reporting features have been restricted.

  • Reports instead of data, will display a message that data access is blocked.
  • Alerts will not be generated.
  • API will not provide data.
  • The report server and the NAM Probe will operate and process records and data normally.

Purchase and upload a higher capacity license to restore the alerting and reporting functionalities.