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License types

There are two licensing models used in NAM:

  • Capacity licensing
  • Component licensing

Capacity licensing

Capacity licensing is based on the amount of traffic NAM Probe is able to process. Depending on the traffic volume [Gbps] you aim to monitor, you may purchase a capacity license in one of the three predefined sizes:

  • 0.5 Gbps
  • 5 Gbps
  • 20 Gbps

Each size determines the upper limit of the traffic volume that is sent to NAM Probe for analysis. The volume of traffic is measured on the input (NAM Probe sniffing interfaces), combined for all sniffing NICs and prior to any filtering.

For example if you plan on sending 8-10 Gbps of traffic to NAM Probe you need to purchase a 20 Gbps capacity license.

The bigger capacity license size the higher requirements must be met by the NAM Probe hardware.
See NAM Probe hardware specs for details.

Component licensing

In a component licensing model each product component is licensed individually and also each analysis module (a decode) is licensed separately. This has been the main licensing model in previous NAM releases. If you are using a component license it will require an upgrade to new (eServices) format when you migrate from DC RUM 2017 or older release to NAM (2018, 2019).

Managing licenses

NAM licenses are managed by eServices system and NAM Console.

In previous releases - DC RUM 2017 and older releases - component licenses were managed by DLM (Distributed License Management) utility which is now obsolete. When you upgrade to NAM (2018, 2019) you would need to migrate your existing DLM license to eServices license. The DLM license upgrade will not change the component licensing schema.

Capacity licensing model was introduced in DC RUM 2017 release, so if you already have an eServices license you can simply upgrade it to new version when you perform upgrade to NAM 2018 or 2019.

Release Platform for capacity licenses Platform for component licenses
DC RUM 12.4 (and older) - DLM
DC RUM 2017 eServices DLM
NAM 2018, NAM 2019 eServices eServices

NAM Console is configuration web interface to manage licenses to your NAM devices.

In order to streamline license management in NAM Console it is required for the server where NAM Console is installed to have a direct (or proxied) access to Internet, so it can connect to Dynatrace eServices portal. If the NAM Console server does not have access to Internet, you can still manage the licenses for your NAM devices, using the offline license management mode.

  • Online license management — use this mode if your NAM Console server has Internet access to eServices portal.
  • Offline license management — use this mode if your NAM Console server does not have access to Internet. All license management actions must be performed manually then.