DC RUM 2017 release supported two types of licensing: Capacity based and Component based. Typically, the capacity licenses were handled by the eServices licensing platform while the Component licenses were handled by Distributed License Management (DLM).

Release Platform for capacity licenses Platform for component licenses
DC RUM 12.4.x - DLM
DC RUM 2017 May eServices DLM
NAM 2018 and later eServices eServices

Starting with the NAM 2018 release, all licenses (capacity-based and component-based) will be handled by the eServices licensing platform.

The licensing model is based either on the capacity or components. For information on which licensing model best fits your deployment needs, contact your client success manager (CSM) or account executive (AE).

The license application process looks as follows:

  • Dynatrace license management team will create a license and send a notification email to the license owner (you) and the account owners (your CSM and AE) with an unactivated license file.
  • Depending on your licensing model, the license(s) should be applied to either the NAM Probe (for the capacity licensing model) or to NAM Server (for the component licensing model).
  • You can perform license management tasks such as activating, deactivating, or reactivating a license through the NAM Console or via the Dynatrace eServices website.

Managing licenses

The NAM Console is a web-enabled configuration tool that serves its web interface from the system on which it is installed within your NAM deployment. While you can access the NAM Console as a client via the browser, this does not mean that the system on which the NAM Console is installed has access to the Internet.

Use the NAM Console for all licensing tasks when possible. For example, you can activate and install a license directly from the NAM Console to automate downloading and importing a license to your component. This simplifies license activation and installation and eliminates the need to use the license file sent in your notification email.

Internet access

Even if the client browser you use to access the NAM Console has Internet access, it does not mean that the NAM Console system can access the Internet. If your client browser has access to the Internet but your NAM Console installation does not, use the offline license management mode.

The type of management mode you should use depends on your NAM Console server's access to eServices.

  • Online license management — This mode assumes that the system on which the NAM Console is installed has access to eServices. As a result, you can activate the license by simply clicking Activate and letting the NAM Console perform activation.
  • Offline license management — This mode assumes that the system on which the NAM Console is installed does not have access to eServices. All activation and deactivation actions must be performed manually.

Capacity license

The capacity license is based on the amount of the traffic you monitor, regardless of pre-analysis filtering applied, and analysis modules (decodes) employed for the analysis.

For optimal monitoring throughput, in addition to the appropriate capacity license, you need sufficient hardware resources. See NAM Probe hardware recommendations for more information.

Component license

The component license in based on the number of NAM components and analysis modules (decodes) in your deployment. Each deployed component is licensed individually. This has been the main licensing model in previous NAM releases.

License upgrade

For license upgrade information, see Upgrading DC RUM 2017 licenses.