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NAM component addresses

Starting with NAM 2018, when you install the NAM Server or NAM Console, you need to specify an IP address or hostname for internal communication between NAM components. This is a private address, for internal communication only, and does not need to be accessible to users. For example, in the NAM Server installer, Hostname or IP address is the internal (private) address of the NAM Server.

However, all users must have access both to the NAM Server's public URLs and to the NAM Console's public URLs. For example, in the NAM Server installer:

  • Public HTTPS URL (such as or https://hostName:443) is the URL that all users need to access this NAM Server.
  • Public HTTP URL (such or http://hostName:443) is an optional (but not recommended) HTTP public URL.

All NAM Server users access the NAM Server via that NAM Server's public URL, which is automatically redirected to the NAM Console public URL for authorization (and then, if an external IdP is configured, to the external IdP). If you cannot access the NAM Server public URL and the NAM Console public URL, you can't sign in to the NAM Server.

  • An address is an IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN), such as or or my.favorite.host.com
  • A URL is scheme (for example, https://) + address + port, such as or https://fancy.site.org:80

Where you need these addresses

Installation panels vary slightly between NAM releases.

See also SSO network configuration requirements.