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Install CAS in DC RUM 2017

Applies to DC RUM 2017

This help applies to DC RUM 2017 deployments. If you intend to install a more recent release, see Installation.

The installer walks you through the installation process, but we recommend that you review the planning section first to ensure success. When you are ready, proceed to installation.

Planning to install the CAS

Installing the CAS

The CAS installer walks you through the installation process. This help topic is mainly supplemental.

About you

  • You are making a fresh CAS installation, not an upgrade or failover node, and it is not part of a failover installation.
  • You are a network engineer or system administrator.
  • You have administrator privileges.
  • You have reviewed the hardware and licensing information.
  • You have installed the RUM Console.

Getting the installer

You can use a standalone CAS installer or you can use the full DC RUM installation set.

  1. Open the downloads page for DC RUM.
    You need to register with the site and obtain a login before you can access it.
  2. Download an installer.
    You can download a full installation set in one .iso file, or download a CAS installer separately if you don't need the full DC RUM installation set.

Running the installer

The installation wizard walks you through all steps in the correct order.

  1. Exit all other programs before running the setup program.

  2. If you downloaded the standalone CAS installer, run that installer.

    If you are installing from an .iso (or disc if you burned it to a disc):

    1. Mount the .iso
    2. Run the setup.exe file on it.
    3. When options are displayed, click the CAS link.
  3. When the installer starts, follow the installation steps in order.
     Expand any of the following sections for details on a specific page of installation settings.

Installer screen details

After you install the CAS

  • If you have not obtained a license, do so before using the CAS.

After you have installed the RUM Console and at least one CAS, you need to verify that you can sign on to the CAS. All DC RUM sign-on activity automatically (and transparently) goes through your RUM Console, so you have to make sure every CAS in your deployment can see the RUM Console in your deployment.

Make sure that you can:

  • See the CAS in your web browser
  • Sign on to the CAS
  • Access the reports and other screens you need to access

If you need to change a value (a URL, for example) that you set during installation:

  1. In Windows, open the Apps & features panel.
  2. Find the server in the list, click it, and select Uninstall to start the installer/uninstaller application.
    • Don't worry if Modify is unavailable. The Uninstall option will not uninstall your application unless you choose the Uninstall CAS option in the installer/uninstaller application.
  3. When the change options are displayed, select the option you need and click Next.

If the software must be stopped before you can make your changes, you will receive a warning. It may take a few moments to stop the software.

Uninstalling the CAS

If you need to uninstall CAS software, do so through the Windows procedures for uninstalling an application.

  1. In Windows, open the Apps & features panel.
  2. Find the server in the list, click it, and select Uninstall.
    This will run the installer again in uninstall mode.
  3. Click Next to page through the uninstall procedure.
  4. Restart the system.

This uninstallation does not remove or detach the database. If you want to discard the database, you need to do it manually using SQL Server management tools.