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Customizing the NAM sign-on page

Applies to NAM 2018 Service Pack 2+

You can customize the web content that NAM displays on the sign-on page.

By default, NAM reads a local HTML file and displays it under the credentials on the NAM sign-on page. To change what NAM displays there, you can either change the content of that file or configure NAM to point to a different local HTML file.

Editing the default file

If you edit the default local file for this content:

  1. Locate the default file (custom-login.html) on your NAM Console machine.
    Default location: C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\NAM Console\workspace\configuration\custom-snippets\
  2. Edit and save the file under the same name.
  3. Refresh your sign-on page to see the results in your browser.

Pointing to a different HTML file

If you prefer to point to a different local HTML file for this content:

  1. On your NAM Console machine, open the console.properties file in a text editor.
    Default location: C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\NAM Console\workspace\configuration
  2. Find property console.custom.login.resource.
    Default value: custom-login.html
    NAM looks for that file in the custom-snippets subdirectory by default.
  3. Change the value of console.custom.login.resource to point to a different local html file.
    • If you save your new custom file in the same custom-snippets subdirectory, you just need to specify the new file name. For example:
    • If you save your new custom file in another location, you need to specify the complete local path to your file. For example:
  4. Save your changes and restart NAM Console.
    Now custom-login.html is ignored and the contents of your new file are displayed on the NAM sign-on page.