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Verifying the NAM Probe installation

After installing the NAM Probe, perform the following validation steps.

  1. Review the NAM Probe install log file.

    Examine the /var/log/adlex/upgrade.bin.log, to ensure that no errors occurred during the NAM Probe upgrade. For more information on log files generated during the install or upgrade, see NAM Probe log files.

  2. Verify the basic NAM Probe configuration.

    Review the list of sniffing NICs and check whether only custom-driver-supported NICs can be used for traffic monitoring purposes. Run rtminst and verify that the NAM Probe configuration is correct (sniffing ports setup, memory limits). See, RTM configuration tool (rtminst) for details.

  3. Verify the adlex user account.

    Make sure that the adlex user account exists in Linux. Use the awk -F':' '{ print $1}' /etc/passwd command to list the usernames for on the NAM Probe.

    If it does not, re-run upgrade.bin with the --force switch to re-create this account and set the required file and folder ownership to this user for proper NAM Probe operation.

  4. Verify the time synchronization.

    Examine the /var/log/adlex/rtmgate.log file to make sure the NAM Probe clock is synchronized with at least one NAM Server (the main server to which this NAM Probe is attached), or verify that NTP-based time synchronization is enabled instead and is working properly.

  5. Check for NAM Probe restarts.

    Check the rtm.log for unexpected NAM Probe restarts (there should be none).

    • Use NAM Console > Monitoring > Devices to add your NAM Probe to the list of devices.
  6. Check the NAM Probe health status.

    Click the new NAM Probe and examine the Connection, Hardware Health, Configuration and Process Health..

    From the summary screen of the NAM Probe in the devices list, click Capacity status link. This link will take you to the Capacity tab of the NAM Probe statistics report, where you can review detailed information about any of the NAM Probes attached to your NAM Server.

  7. Check the interface utilization.

    Switch to the Interface utilization tab, click on the new NAM Probe in the list, and click Filter by selected data. Make sure that the listed interfaces match your intended assignment.

  8. Perform a NAM Probe resources check.

    Switch to the Resource utilization tab to review the Received traffic, CPU usage, Memory usage and Disk space usage.

If everything looks correct, the new NAM Probe is not experiencing any restarts, the interfaces are assigned properly, there is enough disk space, and memory and CPU utilization are within norms, you can begin monitoring your traffic.

If you experience problems, review the Troubleshooting NAM Probe, or check out the Dynatrace NAM Knowledge Base or get answers in the Dynatrace NAM Open Q&A Forum.