Resolving NAM Probe software dependencies using the installation disk

If Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is the platform for your NAM Probe, you can use the installation media as the source for the missing packages. The NAM Probe installation script will temporarily disable all repositories other than the DVD. Note that if the system had been upgraded using the network repositories, the packages used for installation might be outdated and may cause the installation to fail.

Before you begin

Confirm all of the following requirements before running the NAM Probe software installation script.

Before running the NAM Probe software installation script, verify that:

  • You are familiar with the standard NAM Probe software upgrade procedure.

For more information, see Installing the NAM Probe software.

  • You have physical access to the NAM Probe machine.

  • You have the installation media that was used to install Linux.

  • You can work from the root user account. All the steps need to be performed as root user.

  • You are using the default Red Hat Enterprise Linux boot loader (GRUB 2).

For more information, see Nonstandard Boot Loader.

  • The system uses the proper kernel and libraries. By default, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 and newer (Server variants) enables Xen-based virtualization support, which causes the NAM Probe software installation to fail.

Use the uname -r command to check the kernel version. If the kernel name includes the xen affix (for example, 2.6.18-164.el5*xen*), you cannot install the NAM Probe software. You must first reinstall the operating system without using Xen virtualization; preferably, reinstall using the kickstart.

Figure 1. Output for the uname -r Command on a Xen-Enabled System

[root@AMD ~]# uname -r2.6.18-164.el5xen
  • You have the upgrade.bin file for the newest NAM Probe version.

  • You have stored the upgrade.bin file in a location where it can be executed. You may need to set permission to execute the file.

  • You have registered your operating system and enabled subscriptions.

NAM Probe software installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux depends on packages unavailable on official installation media. Apart from base workstation or server repository you need to enable the following repositories on Red Hat Network website:

RHEL Workstation Optional or RHEL Server Optional

RHEL Workstation Supplementary or RHEL Server supplementary

Resolving dependencies

To acquire and install the missing software dependencies automatically with the help of the upgrade script:

Insert the Linux DVD or CD into the drive.

The inserted Linux disk must be the same version of Linux that is currently installed. You do not have to mount the disk.

Change the working directory to the location where the upgrade.bin is placed.

Run the script with the --install-deps-from-media parameter.

For example: ./upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-17-00-02-0049-b001.bin --install-deps-from-media


When the missing dependencies are pulled from the installation repository, the script also silently adds the packages necessary for NAM Probe maintenance. If you want to omit the installation of these packages, use the --skip-recommended parameter together with --install-deps-from-media .

The NAM Probe software dependencies and other auxiliary packages will be installed from the operating system installation media.

What to do next

After the missing packages are installed, you can perform the regular NAM Probe software installation procedure. For more information, see Installing the NAM Probe software.