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Resolving NAM Probe software dependencies manually

If your operating system cannot be updated from external sources and you have no physical access to the NAM Probe device, you can copy the required packages over the network and install them manually. You can also create a repository for the packages and use it remotely on any NAM Probe.

Before you begin

To run this procedure successfully, you must install createrepo using the Linux installation disc or online repository. For example:

yum install createrepo

The NAM Probe installation script enables you to provide a local path or a network location as the source for finding missing package dependencies. If you are running the NAM Probe setup script on more than one machine, it may be beneficial to use one of them as your local network repository.

Resolving dependencies

Familiarize yourself with the list of packages that need to be installed.

For more information, see NAM Probe Software Dependencies and Conflicts.

Navigate to the location where the upgrade.bin is placed and run the script with the --list-missing-deps parameter.

Collect all of the indicated packages and prepare them for copying.

Use the installation media or official repositories as the source for the packages.


If your NAM Probe's Linux was installed without using the kickstart script and you do not have access to the network, you must create a local repository that contains the packages from all of the Linux distribution DVDs. The missing packages that are listed using the --list-missing-deps parameter have additional dependencies located throughout the Linux distribution set.

Use an SFTP client (for example, WinSCP) to log in to the NAM Probe.

Copy the necessary packages to the directory of your choice on the NAM Probe. For example: /tmp/amdrepo .

Log in to the system as root.

Navigate to the directory where the packages are located and run the createrepo command. For example:

createrepo /tmp/amdrepo

Navigate to the location where upgrade.bin is placed and run the script with the --install-deps-from-url parameter.

For example: ./upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-17-00-02-0049-b001.bin --install-deps-from-url file:///tmp/amdrepo


When the missing dependencies are pulled from the installation repository, the script also silently adds the packages necessary for NAM Probe maintenance. If you want to omit the installation of these packages, use the --skip-recommended parameter together with --install-deps-from-url .

As a result, the NAM Probe software dependencies and other auxiliary packages are installed from the custom repository.

What to do next

After the missing packages are installed, you can perform the regular NAM Probe software installation procedure. For more information, see Installing the NAM Probe Software.