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Installing Linux without kickstart

This installation path assumes that you plan to install the NAM Probe on an existing installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or you plan to install the operating system using default installation options which may create an incomplete environment for the monitoring software. You can use an existing installation of Linux as the platform for NAM Probe software, assuming you resolve any software dependencies and conflicts.


We recommend that you use the kickstart to create a new installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the platform for your NAM Probe software. The kickstart installer automatically creates an environment that is ready for the NAM Probe software. For more information, see Installing Linux with kickstart.

We offer these non-kickstart procedures for customers who have to use an existing Linux installation.

To use an existing installation of Linux for your NAM Probe platform, you can either prepare the system manually or automate the task using tools provided by Dynatrace. You may need to disable certain services or operating system mechanisms to enable full NAM Probe operation.

The typical tasks performed on systems installed without a kickstart procedure:

Verify the kernel version and partitioning.
You must ensure the following rules are true for your custom Linux installation:

  • Sufficient disk space must be specified for the /usr and /var/spool directories. In general, we recommend a single partition for the complete system installation. Because each installation is different, there are no specific guidelines for disk partitioning. Each of the following locations must provide enough space for the monitoring and health-diagnosis data:

  • /usr/adlex must be located on a partition with at least 64 GB of free space.

  • /var/ must be located on a partition with at least 50 GB of free space.

  • /usr cannot be located on a separate partition. The NAM Probe software installs in /usr/adlex and loads hardware drivers from this location. These files need to be available at system startup before auxiliary partitions are mounted.

Resolve software dependencies and disable services affecting NAM Probe performance.
For more information, see Before you start resolving NAM Probe dependencies and NAM Probe software dependencies and conflicts.

Verify security settings.

  • SELinux prevents the NAM Probe from operating properly and your NAM Probe performance can be degraded up to 7%.

To disable SELinux

  1. Edit the SELinux configuration file /etc/selinux/config

  2. Set SELINUX=disabled

  3. Reboot the NAM Probe.

See Red Hat documentation for additional information.

  • Verify firewall settings.
    To permit the NAM Probe to operate fully and to communicate with the report server, ensure that required network ports are open in the firewall. See Network ports and protocols to determine which ports should be open.