RTM console (rcon)

You can use the NAM Probe's rcon console to check on the operation of the decryption mechanism.

Starting and stopping rcon

  • To run the rcon console, sign in to the NAM Probe as root user and execute the rcon command.

    [root@AMD ~]# rcon
    Dynatrace RTM Console, ver. ndw. RHEL7_x86_64
    Log file: /var/log/adlex/rcon.log
  • To exit the rcon console, type exit.

  • Alternate access: you can execute the rcmd command and execute the rcon command from the system prompt.

    [root@AMD ~]# rcmd show version  
    RTMHS v. rtmhs. RHEL7_x86_64 Copyright (C) 1999-2016 Dynatrace LLC.  
    [root@AMD ~]#  

Syntax tips

Enclose the command in double or single quotation marks to prevent the shell from interpreting special characters that are to be passed to rcon. If double quotation marks are a part of the rcon command, enclose the command in single quotes.

  • In this example, no quotation marks are necessary. The output is redirected to a file:

    [root@AMD ~]# rcmd show status > sout  
  • In this example, we use quotes (single or double) because the greater-than sign ">" would otherwise be interpreted by the shell and a file named 1000 would be created:

    [root@AMD ~]# rcmd "lsess srvbytes>1000"  
  • In this example, we use normal shell redirection to save the previous example to a file:

    [root@AMD ~]# rcmd "lsess srvbytes>1000" > sout  
  • In this example, we use single quotes so we can pass the double quotes to the rcmd command:

    [root@AMD ~]# rcmd 'ssldecr certs "/usr/tmp"'  

Available rcon commands

The following rcon commands are available (click the command name to expand the explanation):