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NAM deployment example: small website and enterprise network

In this example, an Internet-facing website is monitored with one NAM Server, while an internal corporate network (including the website's internal infrastructure) is monitored with another NAM Server. Both NAM Server installations are hosted on the same machine.

Network layout and possible attachment points

NAM deployment: Small-sized website and corporate network

Example load and traffic volumes

For the HQ LAN traffic, assume a large SAP GUI component that is approximately 200 K operations per day and approximately 350 users and peak rates traffic rates of 300 Kbps.

For the web traffic, assume approximately 4,000 web users accessing around 500 unique URLs on several web servers; website users load 500K pages daily.

Capacity requirements and planning

NAM Probe deployment

The following estimate is for the attachment point near the data center where the NAM Probe is analyzing SAP GUI traffic. To correctly estimate the size of your deployment, do sizing estimates for all the attachment points.

After comparing the expected traffic levels with the capacity limits for SAP GUI traffic, it is estimated that the capacity of a single NAM Probe exceeds many times the capacity required for monitoring the HQ uses. Note that for NAM Probe sizing you should use the bytes per second figure rather than the number of operations.

To assess NAM Probe capacity requirements at the points around the firewall, refer to NAM Deployment Example: Site for a Mid-Size Company

NAM Server deployment

Because of the small number of users, we can plan to store single user information. The expected total of 4,000 web users is well within the recommended NAM Server limits. For more information, see Planning NAM Server deployment.

In this context, a session is a unique URL that is accessed one or more times by a given user on a specific server. Assuming on average ten sessions per day per user, the 4,000 users will generate approximately 400 K sessions in a 10-day interval. This is well within the capacity limits, so you can plan to keep detailed 5-minute data stored for ten days or longer. In addition to that, you can plan to keep 30 days of one-day roll-ups and 12 months of monthly roll-ups.

No ADS is estimated for this example scenario, with NAM Server performing the necessary web monitoring functions.