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NAM Probe capacity estimates

All capacity estimates are based on test results performed on recommended hardware and traffic profile constructed the following way:

  • A typical news portal HTTP traffic has been recorded over a longer period of time.
  • Traffic has been replicated in the lab to scale it up to:
    • simulate 64000 simultaneous clients ("unlimited" total number of clients)
    • assure 40% of packets are "small" packets (<128B), which is taking the NAM Probe more than the analysis of regular data packets of size close to the MSS of 1560B

The L and M hardware uses custom sniffing NIC driver for the dual-port 10 Gbps interfaces based on Intel 82599 chipset (ixgbe driver). The S hardware uses native Linux sniffing NIC driver.

Primary decodes

This table presents performance estimates for selected NAM Probe decodes.

Decode & profile NAM Probe (L) (Gb/s) NAM Probe (M) (Gb/s) NAM Probe (S) (Gb/s)
Generic (with transactions) Analyzed traffic recognizing transactions using a generic decode. 20+ 11.5 1
TCP (no transactions) Analyzed traffic without recognizing transactions or measuring realized bandwidth. 20+ 11.5 3
HTTP 8.5 5.5 0.5
HTTP express with autodiscovery ON 12.7+
HTTPS (HTTP with SSL decryption) 5.38+
Custom versus native sniffing NIC driver performance
Decode & profile NAM Probe (L) with custom ixgbe driver (Gb/s) NAM Probe (L) with native Linux driver (Gb/s)
TCP (no transactions) 20+ 11.22
Decodes used with simple packet capture
Decode & profile NAM Probe (L) (Gb/s)
TCP (no transactions) with Simple Packet Capture (10% servers captured) 19
HTTP with Simple Packet Capture (10% servers captured) 8.5
HTTP express with Simple Packet Capture (10% servers captured) 12
Universal decode
Decode & profile NAM Probe (L) (Gb/s)
Universal Decode + single session + no script 15.42+
Universal Decode + single session + miniHTTP 15.46+
Decode & profile NAM Probe (L) (Gb/s)
HTTP 50% and HTTPS 50% (OpenSSL) 7
HTTP 50% and HTTPS 50% (OpenSSL) with 16 workers configuration 8
HTTP and OpenSSL 5.38
HTTP and nCipher 6
Universal Decode + single session SSL + no script 6
Universal Decode + single session SSL + miniHTTP 5