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Resolving traffic quality issues

If the NAM Probe Global Packet Statistics and Discovery reports reveal traffic quality issues, take the following steps to resolve those issues.

  1. If you are experiencing overruns or drops:
    • Switch to a custom driver
    • Verify compatibility of the card
    • Decrease traffic volume
  2. If you have excessive errors (checksum), verify that span connections and cables are configured correctly.
  3. If you have unidirectional sessions or duplicates:
    • Understand the traffic flows
    • Verify correct placement of the data feed (SPAN port) sources
  4. For SSL decryption issues:
    • Verify SSL keys are correct
    • Verify correct traffic is spanned to the probe
    • Verify list of used versus supported ciphers
    • For encrypted software services without the private key, switch to the SSL analyzer (do not use SSL decrypted)