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Resolving nightly task issues

If you experience issues with executing nightly tasks, determine whether the number of sessions is low. If you determine that the number of sessions is low:

  1. Check server.log for the time of execution and find the most offending tasks.
  2. Disable any trends or baselines that are not required.
    In the NAM Console navigation menu, in the Devices list, select Open configuration for the NAM Server and click Baselines and Trends.
  3. Check the SQL performance settings:
    • The NAM Server database and Temp database need to be in Simple recovery model and not Full.
    • Auto-growth for the NAM Server database should be greater than 10 percent or 1 GB.
    • Verify that at least 32 GB of memory is assigned to SQL Server.
    • Verify that AWE is enabled in memory settings.
    • Verify that the Boost SQL server priority setting is enabled.