Assessing performance

The basic health checks described below allow you to quickly assess whether your installation is operating within the recommended performance limits. They include instructions to help you quickly monitor system health using built-in reports, and to take a deeper look at component performance.

If needed, you can follow this up with a more detailed health check.

Machine specifications

Check to see whether the machines being used for your NAM deployment meet current specifications.

Health of all devices

  1. In the NAM Console, open Deployment ► Manage devices.

  2. On the Devices tab, select the device to be checked.

  3. Review the Device Status tab.

  4. Check the Connection status information and click the Capacity status link for additional diagnostic information.

    If you see issues (red in Connection status or Health status cells and lists), check the following:

Traffic quality

On the NAM Server, open Diagnostics ► Traffic diagnostics to display the NAM Server traffic diagnostics reports. For more information, see Traffic Diagnostics Report and Secure Traffic Diagnostics Report.

Alarm icons

On the NAM Server, open any report. If there is a red or yellow triangle icon as shown in the example below, hover your cursor over the icon to review the messages.

alarms report

If you see issues, check the following:


On the NAM Server, open Diagnostics ► Alert log to view the Alerts explorer. Make sure that there are no diagnostic alerts that start with NAM Probe or LOW OPER selected.

Overall system health

On the NAM Server, open Diagnostics ► System status to display the System status. Investigate any sections with an orange or yellow status. Also, if the database size is approaching or exceeding 300 GB, see NAM Server database sizing and performance.