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Report server in VMware environment

Optimal placement of report and Database Server

To attain high NAM performance, it is important to plan the placement of the report and the database servers properly. While the traffic analysis is performed by the NAM Probes, it is the report server and the associated database server that needs to aggregate, store, and extract the data. Data extraction is directly associated with the reporting features of NAM Server, so overall system performance is very often affected by the speed of data extraction and report creation. Placement of report servers and database servers affects not only the performance of these modules, but also the host environment.

The following factors influence the decision of where to host report servers and associated database servers:

  • Access to NAM Probe (for data file extraction)
  • Performance of report generation
  • Performance of database operations
  • Effect of report servers and database servers on other elements of the environment
  • Cost of hardware and environment
  • Ease of deployment
  • Consistency of deployment