Configuring a report server failover node

A failover node can be attached to any node within a cluster.

You can add only one failover node to a node in the cluster. Make sure that an appropriate report server type is available and listed in the devices list of the NAM Console.

In NAM Console, switch to the Farm Configuration view by clicking the Farms button.

If no farms are listed, create a new farm or migrate a legacy farm. For more information, see Configuring report server farm and Managing and migrating legacy report server farm.

Navigate to the node to which you want to add the failover node.


Make sure that you select a node with a device network address and not the localhost address, such as (IPv4) or ::1 (IPv6).

Click the action icon (action icon) for the node receiving a failover node, select Add failover, and follow the creation wizard instructions.

Select one of the available valid nodes and click Next to continue.

Optional: Mark the failover node for a reset.

We recommend that all nodes, whether newly added or moved from another farm or cluster, be reset prior to being assigned to the new cluster or new role. If you are adding a freshly installed report server containing no monitoring data, you can skip this step by leaving the node unselected and clicking Finish.

The failure node configuration is displayed.

What to do next

You must publish the configuration in order to complete the failover setup. After the configuration is  published, you can manage failovers by adding, deleting, and swapping nodes and failovers.