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Complete NAM Console backup and restore

Complete backup

To back up the NAM Console, back up the database and configuration files:

  1. Perform a manual backup of the Microsoft SQL Server database repository.
    The directions to follow depend on the version of Microsoft SQL Server that you are using.
    For more information, see  Backing Up MS SQL Server Databases.
    Store the backup in a safe place.
  2. Back up the NAM Console all files from the following directories:

Complete restore

Database name

Note that the default NAM Console database name is cva

  1. Stop the NAM Console service.
    Launch the Windows Services and stop the Dynatrace NAM Console service.

  2. Copy the latest version of the backed up database to your local hard drive and, if the backup file is compressed, unpack it.

  3. Log in to the SQL Server Management Studio: a login screen will prompt you for your user name and password.

  4. In the Object Explorer, on the left side of the screen, select Databases ► cva database.

  5. Right-click the cva database, choose Tasks ► Restore ► Database.

  6. Select to restore From device.

  7. Click ... and select the file that holds the cva database backup. In the Restore column on the General page, select the check box beside the name of the file.

  8. Switch to the Options page and select Overwrite the existing database. Ensure the file name and path is correct. For example:

    • ...\MSSQL\DATA\cva_log.LDF for the database log file
    • ...\MSSQL\DATA\cva.mdf for the database file

    Click OK to start the restore process

  9. Start the NAM Console service. Launch the Windows Services and start the Dynatrace NAM Console service.