Backing up AppMon/UEM and Synthetic Classic (Gomez) data

Applies to NAM 2019+

Synthetic Classic (Gomez Synthetic) data is no longer imported, processed, reported, or alerted upon in NAM 2019. Follow these instructions to render historical data in your Dynatrace NAM reports using CSV-data views introduced in NAM 2019.

When you upgrade to NAM 2019, all AppMon/UEM and Synthetic Classic (Gomez) data is permanently removed, including database tables and processing data. If this applies to you, be sure to back up all of your data before continuing with the upgrade.

  1. Create a report that contains all valuable information based on AppMon/UEM or Synthetic Classic (Gomez).

  2. On the report menu, select Export report data and save the file in a secure place.

    This dumps the current report's data to a text file in comma-separated values (CSV) format. Any filters you apply to the report are reflected in the exported data. (For example, if you filter a 100-row table down to 5 rows, only those 5 rows will be exported, not the entire unfiltered table.)

At this point, you have saved a backup of the data from your report.

To use that data, you need to create a custom data view:

  1. After upgrade to NAM Server 2019, select NAM Server ► Tools ► Admin console and click Custom data views to list custom data views.
  2. Click Create view from CSV file and to create a new one from your CSV file. Some editing is required, but you can turn your file into a static data view and use it in custom reports.