Backup and recovery procedures

There are a number of comprehensive procedures available to back up and recover the NAM Probe, NAM Servers, the NAM Server database, and the MS SQL Server databases.


See the high-level disaster recovery procedure below.

Disaster recovery

This is a high-level recovery procedure for a basic NAM installation. It provides an overview of the NAM Console, NAM Server, and NAM Probe restoration sequence. Follow the links for details.

Most of the devices within NAM are configured individually. The sequence of the recovery of each device is not critical, but it can be beneficial to follow this path:

  1. Recover and configure the NAM Probe.
    For more information, see NAM Probe Complete Restore.
  2. Recover the NAM Server.
    For more information, see Restoring NAM Server.
  3. Recover the NAM Console database and reinstall the NAM Console.
    For more information, see Restoring the NAM Console Database.
    The NAM Console uses information kept in a database and it does not store any information within itself. Because it relies on data provided from the database, reinstalling the NAM Console package is sufficient to fully recover the NAM Console.

What to do next

Optionally, it is possible to recover a specific NAM Probe configuration using a previously exported XML file. For NAM Probes that require such a recovery, import and publish the configuration using the NAM Console.