NAM - Dynatrace SaaS and managed unification Q&A

Unification requirements

Does unification work with Dynatrace SaaS or is Managed Dynatrace required?

Unification works with both SaaS and Managed Dynatrace instances.

Does the unification work with AppMon Host Agent?

No. Unification requires Dynatrace SaaS/Managed and OneAgent installed on hosts.

Do I need to instrument monitored application servers and applications with specialized modules?

No. Unification works fine with just the host agent installed. No Java or .Net deep application monitoring is required.

I have AppMon agents installed on my app servers. Can I add OneAgent on top of it?

Yes. OneAgent can be installed side-by-side with the AppMon agent.

Can I set up unified reporting for my Solaris servers?

Not for Solaris. See Supported technologies and versions for more information on OneAgent supported environments.

Setting up the unified NAM and Dynatrace

Is OneAgent a part of NAM?

No. OneAgent is a part of the Dynatrace software distribution and is installed an licensed separately, together with the Dynatrace SaaS/Managed.

I'm getting an error when trying to add Dynatrace SaaS/Managed to the RUM Console

Check whether the Dynatrace URL contains the tenant identifier.

An example of a URL with the tenant identifier:
[https://a01.bcd234.dynatrace.domain.local/e/](https://a01.bcd234..dynatrace.domain.local/a/) 963ce132-00d5-4a4e-b359-6bb9d582f460

This URL doesn't contain the tenant identifier. You can't use it to add a new device to RUM Console:

I can't see the Applications and/or Data Center Services entries in the Dynatrace menu

Check the UI Feature Flags in the Dynatrace menu, search for two feature flags and make sure these are enabled:


Unified reporting subject data

Can I select which NAM software services are sent to the Dynatrace?

Yes, you can configure it in RUM Console. Go to CAS configuration and click NAM SaaS/Managed data export. Here you can select the scope of the exported data. You can either export all data or limit the type of data that are exported by selecting one of three options:

  • Data from user-defined software services (i.e., no auto-discovered services)
  • Data from selected software services
  • Data from selected analyzer groups

Can I select to export specific software services to different Dynatrace tenants?

Yes, you can do it via the configuration file on the CAS. Contact Support for help.

What is the performance violation threshold in Dynatrace for NAM measurements?

Defaults are:

1-minute monitoring intervals.

5-minutes sliding window = 5 intervals.

During 3 out of 5 intervals, the metric needs to be above the threshold.

Thresholds: Application Performance = 80%, Availability = 95%

There are possibilities to adjust thresholds if it turns out required during the implementation. Dynatrace consultants assistance is needed to adjust them.

Which NAM metrics are reported in Dynatrace?

Availability, Performance, and Usage.

See Dynatrace SaaS-Managed export  DMI report on your CAS for more details.

What NAM entities are forwarded to Dynatrace

NAM Analyzer NAM technical hierarchy In Dynatrace visible as Remarks
Software service Data center service
Server IP address IP addresses
Server port list Ports
SAP GUI SAP GUI over HTTP SAP RFC Service (=SID for SAP GUI) Application (type = enterprise)
HTTP HTTP Express URL host (=http hostname) Or Task (=1st host name in SSL cert when URL host is -) Application (type = enterprise)
SSL Task (=1st host name in cert) Application (type = enterprise) Only SSL handshake operations are measured for response time
Citrix Server IP address Application (type = enterprise)
  • All other analyzers 
    See Dynatrace SaaS-Managed export  DMI report on your CAS for more details.

What does the unification provide for Citrix monitoring? And for SAP?

Currently, the enterprise application-specific Dynatrace behavior is limited to several application-specific metrics (Citrix versus other NAM apps) and showing icons that help to identify application quickly. There are no enterprise application-specific reports and dashboards in Dynatrace. Citrix and SAP are treated the same way as the web and SSL applications.

Specifically for Citrix, published applications, channels, user animus or names of the client processes are not currently reported. To analyze published applications and ICA channels - drill down from Dynatrace to NAM. Citrix server resource analysis can be analyzed with OneAgent, but use NAM's TCAM agent to track Citrix server activity executed on behalf of the end user.

Interpreting the unified reporting results

What would I get from integration without installing OneAgents on app servers?

Without OneAgent installed on the NAM-monitored servers, the integration will be limited to just showing several NAM metrics in the Dynatrace portal.

It won’t be an equivalent of what you find in the CAS (aggregates and for selected apps only), but you will be able to drill down to the CAS. If you're interested in a simple, unified data presentation using the Dynatrace UI - that could be the starter.

Is the NAM data analyzed by the Dynatrace AI engine?

Not yet (not by the EAP version currently available).

Dynatrace applies thresholds to the NAM data and correlates the results with the A.I. findings on the events that happened on the hosts monitored by OneAgent.

Consequently, if NAM's data analysis raises a problem, for example, application performance degradation, and at the same time, on the same hosts, Dynatrace finds issues such as CPU saturation - these will be correlated and root cause identified.

However, NAM data is not yet baselined by the A.I. engine, thus anomalies in NAM-sourced data series will not be detected.