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Verifying integration of Dynatrace Application Monitoring with NAM

Verify if the integration works as expected.

To verify the integration configuration, perform the following steps:

If you are not already logged on, log on to the NAM Server.

Choose ReportsExploreSoftware Services from the NAM Server navigation menu.

In the Slow operations column, click the Dynatrace AppMon PurePath link.

A drilldown link to Dynatrace

The PurePath data will be passed on to:

  • The local instance of the Dynatrace AppMon Client if it is running.

  • A Java Web Start instance of the Dynatrace AppMon Client if it is not running.


To display PurePath data from two different Dynatrace AppMon Servers and you use Dynatrace AppMon Clients launched via Java Web Start, first close the Dynatrace AppMon Client that was opened as the first one. To avoid confusion, generally you should close the Dynatrace AppMon Client instance before opening another one. Otherwise, PurePath data may not be retrieved from the appropriate Dynatrace AppMon Server.

If you have a Dynatrace AppMon Client installed on your computer and launched manually before viewing PurePath data, the above limitation does not apply.