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Setting a dimension filter

To apply more precise criteria to your report definition, apply a dimension filter.

Adding a dimension filter

After you select a dimension, you can filter to narrow your results.

  1. In DMI, on the Data tab of the report section you are editing, click Dimensions to display the Selected dimensions list.
    If there is a limited, well-defined set of possible values for a dimension, the filter icon (Filter icon) is displayed for that dimension.

  2. Click the filter icon for the dimension you want to filter on.
    Filter icon
    This opens the Dimension Filter window for the selected dimension.
    Dimension filter window
    The selected dimension (in this case, Client region) is listed in the Available Filters pane on the left side.

    • To include a dimension (filter) value, select that value in Available filters and click the >> button to copy it to the Selected filters.
    • To remove a dimension value, select that value in Selected filters and click the << button.
    • If the number of filter values of the dimension is greater than 50, only the first 50 values are shown. More values can be downloaded on request.
    • To narrow the list of values in Available Filters, type a search string (including wildcards) in Pattern and click Set. To clear the pattern selection, click Reset.
    • Select Negate Condition to add a logical NOT to the expression.

    Note: For IP addresses, you cannot use wildcards within a part of the address. For example, you can use 10.10.* but not 10.1*.10. If you type an incorrect pattern, the following message is displayed: “[No elements available]”.

  3. To save your dimension filter, click OK. The filter you defined in the Dimension Filter window is displayed in the filter box for that dimension. If you need to adjust it, you can edit it directly in the filter box or click the filter icon again to edit it in the Dimension Filter window.

Setting the filter display

Set Filter Display to determine where the filter is displayed on the report.

  • Report header shows it under the report name
    Report filter display
  • Section header shows it under the section name.
    Section filter display
  • Hidden means the filter is not displayed on the report.
    Hidden filter display

Setting the filter mode

In the Filter Mode column, you specify the filter behavior on the report. Select one of the following options:

  • Read write
    read write mode
    In this filter mode, you can remove the filter directly from the report (click the Delete icon icon beside the filter name) when you are viewing it, and the dimension filter can be overwritten when you drill down to the report from another report or if you publish other filters as a result of a publishing action.
  • Read only
    read only mode
    In this filter mode, the dimension filter can be overwritten in the same way as in the Read write mode, but it cannot be removed directly from the displayed report.
  • Fixed
    fixed mode
    In this filter mode, the dimension filter cannot be overwritten or removed from the report. The filter is always set to the value defined in the Filters field on the Data tab.